Equine enabled body language & body awareness

My basic workshop offers insights on the behavioral balance between human and horse. Participants will learn about body language and natural responses to our body language, through both human and horse. What we communicate through posture and rigidity or the way we move, affects our daily lives in society as well as how animals perceive us. Body awareness can help solve non-verbal interactive issues on various levels and establish a consciousness of self.

Minimum of participants: 4 persons (excl. workaway host) Maximum of participants: 10 persons (excl. workaway host)

Fees: One day workshop 175,00€ per person, two days 330,00 net per person.
Special rates for organizing a workshop.

General Terms: The workshop can be held in German or English (English level is basic). Participants are asked to self-cater and bring blankets to sit/lie on.

A non-liability clause will need to be signed by participants.
Ideally 1 horse is shared by 2 participants - Workshop partner A sits on the horses while workshop partner B leads the horses and vice versa.

Additional offer:
Workshop participants have the option of booking additional training units (45 min) to develop and strengthen their newly acquired knowledge.

Daily 09.00 AM - 5.00 PM


Body Language at present stage
Learning to feel your own body movement
Process of single movements

Body language and the impact on yourself

Exercise – Self confidence

Conscious use of body language and impact on your partner

Non-verbal communication

Moving consciously and unconsciously

Awareness of individual body parts during motion and in relation to the entire body

Working with the horse :
Awareness of horse’s movement.  Am I moving or am I being moved ?

Conscious use of body language - results / impact on horse

Sit or lie on horse for body awareness

Enjoy your success ! Natural flow of body language

Body language - finishing touches

End of a  ́moving ́weekend